Aquaspeed Bonaire Windsurfers was founded on March 27, 1987, with the purpose of positioning the Windsurf sport and Bonaire on the map, successfully gaining recognition around the world.

Our Mission and Vision

Recruite and Empower young windsurfers to grow their talent into professional windsurfers to represent Bonaire and the Dutch Caribbean islands for generations to come. Keep Bonaire as one of the best spots to windsurf around the world.

Prokids Bonaire Mega Sports Event

For the 15th consecutive year the Bonaire Windsurfers Committee and Stichting Aquaspeed Bonaire Windsurfers will host theProkids Bonaire Mega Sports Event. This event will feature beach and watersports. The event will take place from May 23rd-26th, 2019. With a new venture to emphasis and focus on the following categories U13, U9 and U7. Our organization keeps on empowering the Bonaire’s athletes with this event as we have done for the past fourteen consecutive years.

The event is of great value to our community for different reasons. From the success of the Prokids Events, we ventured into a Mega Sports Event and now introducing the first IFCA ABC Tour Dutch Caribbean Championship. The most rewarding part of this growth is to support the athletes and youngsters of Bonaire. Windsurfers from around the world is encouraged to compete in the windsurfing categories. The goal is to keep on introducing new sports to the event and encouraging international participants to visit our Island and compete in our event. Prokids Bonaire Mega Sports Event hosts Windsurfing, Beach Soccer, Beach Bolas, Fun Walk and much more.

2019 IFCA ABC Tour Youth Slalom Dutch Caribbean Championship

The 2019 IFCA ABC Tour Youth Slalom Dutch Caribbean Championship is a series of windsurfing events taking place on the Dutch Caribbean islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The tour is sanctioned by the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) who officially supports and grant the IFCA Youth Slalom Dutch Caribbean titles to the winners of the series. With one goal in mind for the ABC islands to come together and organize a series of three events to encourage the youngsters to build their skills professionally under the categories Slalom U21, U17 and U15.

The winner of the Youth Slalom division will receive a sponsorship deal in collaboration with the organizing authority to travel to the next IFCA Youth Slalom Worlds to represent the Dutch Caribbean as a guest competitor.

The event in Bonaire will be held from May 24th-26th, 2019 at the Sorobon Beach Event site in combination with the 15th Bonaire ‘Prokids’ Mega Sports Event.

Prokids Fun Walk

For the 3rd consecutive year the Prokids Fun Walk is organized with the purpose to stimulate our community for better health and to encourage their presence at the Sorobon Beach Event Site as spectators.